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How long will my high last

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Most participants return to reality after five or six hours, while my brain How long will my high last flooded with epiphanies all night, spurring me to bathe as some sort of ayahuasca-inspired renewal jigh. Most drugs get metabolized by the cytochrome P enzyme system in your liver, he explains, and genetics control how quickly these enzymes work.

Another factor that plays a role of how long you feel the effects of any drug—from caffeine to weed—is the amount of fat in your body. Certain drugs, like weed, are lipophilic, or attracted to fat tissue, Barias wjll.

This also means that women, on average, will have longer trips than men due to the higher fat content of their bodies. Anesthetics are particularly fat-soluble, says James Giordano, professor of neurology and biochemistry at Georgetown University Medical Center.

Since drugs are eliminated by the liver and the kidneys, those with poor kidney or liver functioning may also hang onto drugs longer, Doron says. Kidney or liver diseases can also slow down the functioning of these organs.

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How long will my high last, obviously, different drugs get metabolized at different paces for a variety of reasons, says Giordano. Some bind more tightly to receptors or stay at the binding sites for Hoq. Acid tripsfor example, can last for up to 12 hours, largely because serotonin receptors fold over the LSD molecule to keep it in place.

But the strength of my trips probably comes mmy a different, harder-to-pin-down source. Sign up for our newsletter to get the best of Tonic delivered to your inbox.

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Most people return to reality after five or six hours, while my brain gets flooded with epiphanies all night. I asked an expert why. Jul 13pm.