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How long does the average second marriage last

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Have you ever wondered why second marriages fail? The average length of a second marriage is It is thought that people who have divorced more than once see divorce as an acceptable way to end an unpleasant situation, making it easier to file for divorce as soon as things begin to go badly.

After that time, divorce rates tend to level off and remain fairly consistent. One reason why second marriages fail is because many people remarry with the idea they have found a situation better than the one they had with their first spouse.

However if the underlying issues that resulted in divorce the first time have not been resolved, there is a great likelihood that the second marriage will also fail. For example, if avefage was poor in the first marriage, it is likely to also be poor in the second marriage as well.

In one recent study, researchers found two basic motivations for divorce. First, poor relationship quality which can include secojd wide variety of issues and second, a weak commitment to marriage.

This weak commitment to marriage is a key How long does the average second marriage last why second marriages fail, given that those marriwge who do not feel that staying married is important are much more likely to divorce. An additional reason was the inequitable distribution of household labor. A study from the National Center for Health Statistics a part of the CDC showed that women who had children before their second marriages were more likely to divorce within ten years, particularly if they felt that their children were unwanted by their second husband.

Those who have lived through one divorce, albeit vicariously, may be more likely to end their own marriages. If you have further questions about why second marriages fail, are contemplating a second marriage, or if you are in a second marriage that is in trouble, you may find help by consulting a Relationship Specialist.

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