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Crank that urban dictionary Wanting Sex Hookers

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Crank that urban dictionary

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I like playing with cpls and open dictionay when I do. W4m Hello~ Crank that urban dictionary the title says, I'm waiting for someone to make me over. You can be single or attached, doens't really matter to me. To be honest, I'm a bi boy. Seeking to satisfy to completion NSA No Recip of Course unless you want to play.

Age: 53
Relationship Status: Not married
Seeking: Search Real Swingers
City: Fort Myers, FL
Hair: Golden
Relation Type: Someone To Fuck Want Xxx Dating Service

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Top definition. A quick dicctionary of masturbation in which one does not have ample time to properly pleasure themselves. Also can refer to repeated masturbation.

to masterbate to soulja boy, then do the dance in your sex fluids. to crank dat crank that soulja boyyyy in sex fluids, crank dat robocop, crank that robocop. when your with a girl and you go in bass ackwards and refuse to pull out. then you ejaculate all over her face too (optional). "Man, did you hear me crank that Roosevelt on her last weekend? I was able able to sneak off and crank that roosevelt before my niggaz came through.

Ben tried to crank it in the three minutes his roommate left the room. Crank it music.

A term originated from the music industry to command an individual to " turn up the volume. Joseph : Hey man dicrionary show is going great!

Scott: Yea man but you really need to Crank it on this next song. Joseph: Sure thing Scott!

A term that is used to describe to a horn player that they need to get gud. The act of masturbatingespecially after a hard days work.

Student 1: Thank god class is done. Glad to be going home.

Student 2: Ya. You going home to crank it?

Student 1: Pretty much. National Send A Nude Day Roadwork Dependapotamus Kitted Robot irban Boat Pirate key Moodboard